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Annual Inspections

What Is An Annual Inspection Plan?

The Ozark Applicators Annual Inspection Program is a yearly “check up” for your water tower. Every year a thorough visual inspection is provided aimed at satisfying DNR recommendations. If needed, the crew replaces such things as screens, gaskets, and light bulbs. Every 5th year of our program the tank has a full washout, inspection, and disinfection according to AWWA specifications.

Our Annual Inspection Program is designed to provide an affordable way to help keep water towers as clean as possible, stay in compliance with DNR, avoid boil orders, and helps provide the most sanitary water conditions possible for you and your water customers! Our program is instrumental in alerting water districts of any sanitary deficiencies and/or major repairs that are needed on their water storage facilities. Our services assist our customers in meeting DNR guidelines. Included is a written inspection report with observations, recommendations, and pictures.

DNR has determined that microbial contamination of water, causing boil orders, can be due to defects such as damaged or missing screens which can occur due to freezing and thawing during winter months. Due to this information we perform our inspections in the spring months so that we can identify any damages that may have occurred during the winter.

The only requirement to be eligible for our Annual Inspection Program is the tower must be new, renovated, or have had an initial inspection in the last 12 months.

Our Annual Inspection Program customers also have additional benefits such as reduced rates on repairs and quick access to budget pricing and recommendations from a great team that have been working together since 2001 providing decades of experience in the water tower business.

Initial Inspection Includes:

– Check the vent
– Check the vent screen and replace if necessary
– Check overflow, flap gate, and splash pad
– Check ladders, safety climb, and ladder gate
– Check antennas and coax that are attached to the tower
– Check overflow screen and replace if necessary
– Check upper hatch
– Check upper hatch gasket and replace if necessary
– Check upper hatch for padlock
– Check wind rods, if applicable (If adjustments are necessary a price quote will be submitted)
– Check aviation lights and replace bulbs if necessary
– Check anchor bolts and foundation
– Check structural components
– Check safety components
– Check interior and exterior coatings
– Check manways and gaskets
– Check for secured tanksite
– Complete power-wash of the interior, with a high-pressure washer as high as can be reached without rigging the tank
– Re-sanitize according to AWWA
– Submit a picture report and a written summary of inspection results

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